Katie Milner: The story so far…

‘It was pretty crazy really!’ is how Katie Milner responded to the request to give an overview of her year in the Junior Saloon Car Championship. It’s not really an assessment that anyone can disagree with. Eight wins and eleven podiums were more than enough to make her the first female champion of the series… Continue reading Katie Milner: The story so far…


Emily Glanvill: The Speedy Scot fighting to race

Life isn’t always easy for young drivers. It takes commitment and determination, and if you don’t have the money or the contacts it can make life very tough indeed.  For Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup racer Emily Glanvill 2017 has proved a trying year but she’s not finished yet… “It’s a lot of hard work; you… Continue reading Emily Glanvill: The Speedy Scot fighting to race

‘Kimi, Sebastian is faster than you’ and other victims of team orders

The Monaco Grand Prix left Kimi Raikkonen fans the world over heartbroken the Iceman didn’t manage to convert his first pole in nine years into a win. Speculation that Ferrari’s prioritisation of Sebastian Vettel’s title bid robbed them of a Kimi win has only contributed to their unhappiness.  There are arguments that Raikkonen hadn’t done… Continue reading ‘Kimi, Sebastian is faster than you’ and other victims of team orders

How not to spectate at the WEC: A rookie’s guide

Six hours is a very long time, was my first thought as I came through the gates of Silverstone. Twenty minute sprint races, half an hour for touring cars, even up to two hours F1 races, that I was used to. But six hours of solid racing? That was something entirely different. I have to… Continue reading How not to spectate at the WEC: A rookie’s guide

Australia: Is the Hamilton/Vettel fight on?

For the first time in three years, Mercedes is not the team topping the results screen of the Constructors' Championship. After Lewis Hamilton's pace over the initial part of the weekend it seemed unlikely, but an early pitstop by the polesitter allowed Sebastian Vettel to go for the undercut and take Ferrari's first win since… Continue reading Australia: Is the Hamilton/Vettel fight on?