How not to spectate at the WEC: A rookie’s guide

Six hours is a very long time, was my first thought as I came through the gates of Silverstone. Twenty minute sprint races, half an hour for touring cars, even up to two hours F1 races, that I was used to. But six hours of solid racing? That was something entirely different. I have to… Continue reading How not to spectate at the WEC: A rookie’s guide


First-Race Wonders

With Antonio Giovinazzi making a splash on his debut, I've decided to take a look at another ten drivers who surpassed all expectations their first time on track. These racers did even better than Giovinazzi's 12th, and went on to get poles, wins and even the odd championship. From F1 past... In 1972 Carlos Reutemann… Continue reading First-Race Wonders

Australia: Is the Hamilton/Vettel fight on?

For the first time in three years, Mercedes is not the team topping the results screen of the Constructors' Championship. After Lewis Hamilton's pace over the initial part of the weekend it seemed unlikely, but an early pitstop by the polesitter allowed Sebastian Vettel to go for the undercut and take Ferrari's first win since… Continue reading Australia: Is the Hamilton/Vettel fight on?

F1 pre-season testing: Drawing conclusions from the inconclusive

Some things don't seem set to change. Despite Ferrari topping the timing boards in pre-season testing, Mercedes reportedly still have a lot more to give and between their two drivers they racked up a very healthy number of laps indeed. Honda almost seemed to go backwards with the McLaren getting through countless power units and… Continue reading F1 pre-season testing: Drawing conclusions from the inconclusive

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