Christie Doran: Straight into the deep end..

Christie Doran didn’t come into racing in the typical way. The was no dipping her toe in the water, no casual karting turning into more than just a hobby. Instead, she joined the Ginetta Junior grid at Knockhill with just seven months of intensive preparation behind her… ‘I was given the opportunity when the Scottish… Continue reading Christie Doran: Straight into the deep end..

Katie Milner: The story so far…

‘It was pretty crazy really!’ is how Katie Milner responded to the request to give an overview of her year in the Junior Saloon Car Championship. It’s not really an assessment that anyone can disagree with. Eight wins and eleven podiums were more than enough to make her the first female champion of the series… Continue reading Katie Milner: The story so far…

Emily Glanvill: The Speedy Scot fighting to race

Life isn’t always easy for young drivers. It takes commitment and determination, and if you don’t have the money or the contacts it can make life very tough indeed.  For Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup racer Emily Glanvill 2017 has proved a trying year but she’s not finished yet… “It’s a lot of hard work; you… Continue reading Emily Glanvill: The Speedy Scot fighting to race

The Halo: The next step in motorsport evolution

To say it’s such a divisive topic, it’s easy to see why the FIA decided to implement the Halo. Motorsport has been on a path towards greater safety since the 1960s, with each decade bringing with it new innovations to protect the drivers, team personnel and fans.  In Jackie Stewart’s era it was said that… Continue reading The Halo: The next step in motorsport evolution

The motorsport headlines of 2017 so far- Part 2

In the first of this two part list I outlined the first half of my favourite stories from 2017. In a year with so many plot twists and highlights it was hard to pick my top five, but hopefully you'll agree these are the some of the most significant stories to emerge this year. If… Continue reading The motorsport headlines of 2017 so far- Part 2

The motorsport headlines of 2017 so far- Part 1

As the Formula 1 paddock breaks up for the summer and the third Formula E season draws to a close it seems an ideal time to look back over the biggest motorsport stories to make the headlines this year. It’s been seven months of drama, thrills and sheer brilliance and 2017 certainly hasn’t been afraid… Continue reading The motorsport headlines of 2017 so far- Part 1

A guide to surviving Silverstone

In two short days I will be arriving at the Silverstone Woodlands campsite, ready to immerse myself in four days of spectacular racing alongside thousands of other passionate Formula 1 fans. It's the highlight of my year and I'd recommend it to anyone, but to get the best experience it's necessary to battle against the… Continue reading A guide to surviving Silverstone

‘Kimi, Sebastian is faster than you’ and other victims of team orders

The Monaco Grand Prix left Kimi Raikkonen fans the world over heartbroken the Iceman didn’t manage to convert his first pole in nine years into a win. Speculation that Ferrari’s prioritisation of Sebastian Vettel’s title bid robbed them of a Kimi win has only contributed to their unhappiness.  There are arguments that Raikkonen hadn’t done… Continue reading ‘Kimi, Sebastian is faster than you’ and other victims of team orders

Is Jolyon Palmer as bad as his critics make him out to be?

If you’ve missed the cascade of criticism that Jolyon Palmer has been subjected to in the last few months you must be both blind and deaf. While social media may have come to a pretty damning conclusion about his talent or lack of it, the British driver must have done something right to have retained… Continue reading Is Jolyon Palmer as bad as his critics make him out to be?

The Future is in the Past

While F1 might have been getting more of the headlines, it isn't the only form of motorsport to embark on a fresh start in 2017 by reviving aspects of their past. Just like F1, the World Rally Championship has had a massive re-haul of their technical regulations in order to make the cars faster and… Continue reading The Future is in the Past